10 Uses of Maths in Real Life You Should Know

Where & when do we use what we are learning now?

Can you give examples of maths in real life situations?

As a parent, this is the most common question from your children that you would have had to answer.

Knowingly or unknowingly we use Maths in our life every day.

When you learn mathematics you will understand the subject better if you connect the concepts you learn to real life.

Connecting concepts you learn to real-life problems will help improve problem-solving skills in children.

Children dread Maths for no obvious reason. They develop something I call Maths phobia.

As parents, we need to point out when our children use maths during their daily chores.

By repeatedly pointing out the uses of Mathematics in daily life we will inculcate that math is everywhere.

This will also slowly make them realise that Maths is required in everyday life and also decrease Math Phobia.

I have given below examples of Maths in everyday life which helps children understand how to use maths in real life.



Time is very important in our lives.

We teach our children to be punctual to school at a very young age.
To be able to tell time, they need to know numbers.
Once they are familiar with numbers we can teach them;
That a day consists of 24 hours and it is split into two halves of 12 hours each;
Each hour consists of 60 minutes;
Each minute consists of 60 seconds;
Every number on the clock represents five minutes when the long handle points at them;
When they are familiar with these numbers we can start teaching them to read time as fractions.
Half-past …….., quarter-past ……… & quarter to ……….
To be able to tell time our children should know numbers and a few basic mathematical operations.



Apart from studying Maths as a core subject, it is also used to measure the progress of a student.
Marks scored in each subject, Total Marks scored, Percentage of Marks scored, Pass percentage of a class, Rank of a student based on Marks scored, etc.
Numbers play a very important role in our children’s academic life.
Scoring more marks helps in getting a better rank.
Better rank spreads out a wide variety of career options to choose from.
Good numbers can lead our children to choose a career of their choice.





We need to follow a strict fitness regime to stay healthy.
Few parameters need to be measured regularly and kept under control for good health.
We use maths for measuring;
  • Daily Exercise Goals
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Temperature
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Vital Statistics of our Body
  • Weight
The list goes on increasing depending on your health condition.
Maths comes in handy in managing the appointments in a hospital or clinic.
Doctors depend on numbers (various parameters) to conduct an operation.



Knowledge of Mathematics is essential to manage Money.

Children can learn how to manage their money responsibly by understanding real-world financial situations.

In order to know how you are spending your money each month, you should have a budget in place.

You can involve your children in the budgeting activity and encourage them to give suggestions.

This knowledge will help them when they grow up.

Maths helps us decided which bank to choose, which credit card to use, where to borrow from etc.

The bottom line: Good Maths Knowledge helps us manage our finance better



Mathematical models of the atmosphere and oceans are used in numerical weather prediction (NWP) to predict weather conditions based on current conditions.

Physical systems can be described through mathematics.

Although atmospheric equations were developed long before computers were invented, they were not possible to solve by purely mathematical means.

With the development of computing power, it became possible to quantify the solutions to those equations.

Modern weather prediction relies on numerical weather prediction based on those approximate equations.


Computers make use of the binary number system to manipulate and store data.

The binary number system represents numbers by a combination of 0 & 1.

The data stored by a computer can be numbers, words, pictures, music, video, or graphics.

Digital images create the illusion of reality (Graphics) through a combination of 3D coordinates and complex numbers.




We use math knowledge when cooking.

When we need to cook more or less depending on the crowd, we adjust the ingredients measurement.

We use measurements like 1 cup. ½ cup, 1/4 cup, 1 Tea Spoon, 1 Table Spoon, 1 Pinch, etc while cooking.

Division & Multiplication come in handy when we need to halve or double the proportion while cooking.

Maths also comes in handy when we buy groceries for cooking.

We need to forecast the quantity of groceries to be brought based on the guest list of a party or the number of people in a household.


Modern-day Coaches use historic Data while training their students.

Data science uses mathematics concepts to identify patterns.

Data Analytics plays a vital role in modern-day sports.

All teams in the Indian Premier League have an analytics team.

These teams use data science to help improve game strategies.

Data is also used to help players improve their game and plan their batting or bowling strategy when they play against a particular team or player.

Apart from cricket, most of the sports we play also use mathematics.

The angel of the throw to score a basket in basketball, the curve that a ball has to take to score a goal in football, Timing in athletics training, etc are a few examples of Uses of Mathematics in Sports.


Math is on the mind when traveling.

For a road trip, we plan the shortest route to reach our destination.

Fuel requirement, the money we need to carry for boarding & lodging, tyre pressure & time required to travel are a few things where maths is used.

A hiking trip using Maps and Compass will be an exciting adventure for the kids,Reading a map only requires some basic math & a few minutes of orientation.

Creating a budget is necessary when you plan a family holiday.


When you have a couple of tiles missing on your floor, knowledge of calculating areas comes in handy to buy the tiles required to fill the gaps.

A landscaping vendor will charge you based on the area of your garden.

A plumber charges you based on hours and the complexity of the work he is doing.

Water & Electricity bills are based on usage of the services.

When you look in & around your house, You will find more items where maths is used.

There will not be a day when you do not use mathematics in your life.

 We can safely conclude that Maths is everywhere and we use it every day.

Knowing how to solve real-world problems will give our children a powerful and important ability to succeed.

What’s even better is that they’ll understand why they’re doing all the math.

Start identifying & pointing out the Maths concept that your children are using in their daily activities !!

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