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Are you worried that your child is not able to understand his/her subjects well during online classes ?

Are you looking for a source from where you child can access study material for better understanding ?

As a parent, you are always worried about your Child’s future.

You strive to give the best possible education to your children so that they can be successful in their life.

With the onset of the pandemic, your children are forced to continue their academics through online medium.

Due to the restriction on online class timings, schools are struggling to complete portions and at the same time are not able to give much attention to students.

Children are not able to interact with teachers as they used to do during offline classes.

You are forced to enroll your children for online tuitions or online learning platforms.

Online tuitions again have the same drawback as online classes to some extent.

Online learning platforms charge exorbitant subscription fees.

As a parent, I was going through the same problems.

I started teaching mathematics to my son as I was good at mathematics during my school days.

I had to make time from my busy schedule to study the subject so that i could teach my son.

During this course, I realised that all parents would be facing the same difficulty.

To make life easier for parents, I have created this blog where your child can access basic explanations of concepts and a few worked out examples of his/her syllabus.

Parents can refer this blog to refresh their mathematics knowledge to teach their kids.

Your search of a learning platform for your child ends here.

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